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How to Delete My Tarek Buys Houses Account

Wondering how to delete your Tarek Buys Houses account? While there’s currently no way to sign up for an account with Tarek Buys Houses, that doesn’t mean you can’t get all the real estate insight, tips and news straight from the mind of Tarek El Moussa! Instead of signing up for an account, subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about what we do and about the latest information on the property market in your area. Here’s what you need to know about Tarek Buys Houses accounts and subscriptions.

How to delete your Tarek Buys Houses account

Currently, you can’t sign up for a Tarek Buys Houses account, but you can sign up for our newsletters delivered right to your e-mail. Our newsletters are packed with useful information on the real estate market—they’re your complete resource for news and tips whether you’re planning on buying or selling a home or you just want more information on what’s happening in the market near you. Why would you want to unsubscribe from Tarek Buys Houses when you can take advantage of the following:

  • Real estate news. The real estate market is always changing, especially in today’s challenging economy. Tarek Buys Houses serves primarily the Southern California area. Turn to our newsletters for the latest real estate news and insights that keep you informed on the changing market conditions in your area. It could make the difference in getting you the best deal for a home, whether you’re buying or selling.

  • Cash homebuying tips. If you’re planning to sell a home in less-than-perfect condition—or if you need to sell your house for cash fast—Tarek Buys Houses is paying cash for homes in any condition in over 20 markets across the country. We understand that the cash homebuying process can be foreign to many people, which is why we aim to explain the ins and outs of our process in our regular newsletters. We want our clients to feel empowered to sell their homes for cash, so we’re ready to answer all questions you may have in our e-mail newsletters.

  • DIY advice. While Tarek El Moussa is one of the leading real estate experts in the country today, he got his start as a DIY house flipper. We want to share what we’ve learned over the years with everyone! Discover helpful DIY project advice in our newsletters. Whether you’re a novice flipper looking for guidance on your first project, or you’re a professional searching for the latest trends that homebuyers are looking for in your area, we’re happy to provide DIY advice to make sure every project you take on is a complete success!

  • Blog updates. Tarek Buys Houses has created a blog with one goal in mind—to make sure buyers and sellers across the country are armed with the information they need to make smart property decisions for themselves and their families. Our newsletters notify you about our latest blog posts, so you can get detailed information on the latest real estate news and tips. From helping clients avoid real estate pitfalls to spotting scams, our blog is your guide to real estate, home improvement, financing and so much more!

  • Exclusive interviews. Tarek El Moussa is a nationally known real estate expert, and if you’re looking to learn more about the real estate market across the country, there’s really no better source. You’ll find exclusive interviews in our newsletters so stayed tuned—you never know who we’ll interview next!

How to unsubscribe from Tarek Buys Houses

If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, reach out to us at or give us a call at (888) 356-3547. While we don’t want to see you go, we’ll get you unsubscribed from our e-mail list right away. If you want to re-subscribe in the future, all it takes is an e-mail—or visit our site and enter your information in the “newsletter” field at the bottom of the page—and we’ll get you back on our list.

Rather than searching for information on how to delete your Tarek Buys Houses account, simply enter your e-mail and sign up for our newsletter! We provide frequent updates on the latest news and tips on the real estate market in your area—it’s information that both buyers and sellers can use. Sign up today and keep an eye out for our regular updates.

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